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    The Joys of Writing © Llovesart


    Typing so fast your fingers don’t sound like they’re pressing individual keys on the keyboard anymore, but a fluttering of ideas flowing onto paper. When your fingers synchronise with your thoughts and everything just clicks. Every dialogue sounds like real people talking, every description pointing out just the right things and just enough, all the plot arcs coming together. Creating entire worlds with your fingertips, using nothing but the words and images in your head.

    Creation is but one of the joys of writing.


    The hardest part is not writer’s block. At least not for me. I’ve never really struggled with it that I can remember, but maybe that is because I found out early on what causes it. And pinpointing just where I went wrong, is also one of the joys. When I suddenly see clearly: “The protagonist is not proactive enough, a hurried moving about is not the right place to discuss how magical portals work, Raheem is not a man concerned with magic so he shouldn’t be talking about it”. This is where it goes wrong. When things don’t click and the gears slip, or the plot collides with a character and either refuses to budge. This is when I struggle with writing, but I can’t even call it a writer’s block. It just takes one afternoon or only half an hour of careful plotting or retracing my steps and I will find out why I can’t get my protagonist to do something or why the direction the plot seems to be going is off.

    This is my blessing and this is the joy of writing.


    The hardest part is when the words don’t flow, when the dialogue is strained and static, when the descriptions are off and too purple, and I’m still going strong because there is always time to revise later. This is the hardest part. Letting go. Not killing your darlings, but finding peace within to say “yes, I know I can do better than this, but I must go on so I won’t lose the mood of the scene, the dialogue in my mind”. Trying to dance to a beat you just can’t get a feeling for, that’s what it feels like sometimes, and then finding the right rhythm after hours of struggle and dancing with ease, to that same beat and forgetting about your clumsy dancing of before, as to not ruin the perfect moment when you are synchronised with the beat.

    This is hard, but this is the joy of writing.


    But maybe one of the best, the very best feelings in the world, is the feeling of discovering the plot and the motives of the characters as I go along. This might seem odd, for didn’t I make up the characters? Didn’t I plan them to have a grudge against each other? No. They start as singular personality traits – the unsecure captain, the priest of the devil and the noblewoman who refuses to marry and her blind and cripple brother. They are never complete when I start writing. So I might find out that the priest was wronged by the Gods and therefore turned to the devil, or I might find out that he was raised in a community where the devil is deemed a god and the gods as devils, or even something else entirely. The same goes for plot. I start out with these characters, two story lines, and I try to connect all of them. Why did the priest become part of the captain’s crew? How will the noblewoman and captain meet? What does her brother have to do in all of this? I do not know. Not when I start. When a door to an unknown part of the story seems to unlock and I cannot ignore it. When a character screams for recognition or a plotline begs to come to life, when a backstory calls to me. It is as if I walk along a corridor, multiple doors and bends, and can only see a few yards ahead.

    When the door opens, it is the joy of writing.


    I do not know what lies ahead, I can only see where I am right now and what scenes I want to write; and those scenes I write, I write either because I think they are fun, they show a lot about a character, or because it has an air of mystery and I am intrigued with it myself. Because of this, it sometimes feels I’m wading in waist deep water in the darkness, not knowing where the water will end, not knowing what I will encounter along the way. But sometimes, just sometimes, I get a glimpse. It might be a warning to not get into deep waters, or a light shines in the darkness, guiding me towards it, and at the end, when everything is wrapped up, I see the entire body of water for what it was. A deep pool, filled with shallow and sometimes deep pools of character personalities, rises and falls of plot at the rocky bottom, and the sinkholes I stepped in. And then the water isn’t an adventure anymore. I know its secrets; I know it like the back of my hand because I’ve stumbled along in the darkness for so long.

    When the lake in the darkness is illuminated, it is the joy of writing.


    When the characters speak, it is the joy of writing.


    When the plot reveals itself, it is the joy of writing.


    When the characters, the plot and the setting resonate, it is the joy of writing.


    I wouldn’t want to do anything else.



The Joys of Writing
Alright guys, this is the first time uploading a literature file for me, so don't judge! just testing the waters, hopefully with a nice read. 
let me know what you think!



Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Though my gallery says differently, I'm aspiring to be a writer. I just write in Dutch and don't want to post anything here, so have fun with my pencil art and photography!
It's been a while, guys, but I thought I'd ask you for some advice.
I've been toying around with the idea of making a spell book for some time now, and since i'm starting to write a new story which includes one, I thought I'd give it a try. 

But now, of course, I need some spells to fill it up with! I'm pretty much looking for the ingredients of the spells/potions and what the effect of them is. 

So, please, if you guys have any good ideas, put them in the comments :) 

There are a few conditions that have to be met:
- the ingredients (or components, as they are called) must be REAL items. They cannot be unicorn hair or something fishy like "bottled spring air" or any of the sort.
- the components can be poisonous/venomous, but not for no reason. For instance, if a certain poisenous toad has neurotoxins in it's venom, it could be used as something to calm the nerves or maybe paralysis.
- the components may  consist of animal parts, but keep in mind, that the bigger/more intelligent the animal is that the part comes from, the more likely it is that it will be black magic (and there is nothing wrong with that haha)
- Everything has to fit into a mortar and pestle (please keep it small. this is purely for practial reasons)
- Words in a spell are ok, but not too much if you don't mind, and make them a language that doesn't exists.

that's all :)  (I know it's a lot. shush!)
I'm curious to see if someone can come up with something! And if not, oh well. At least I asked :P  
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